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A note about my Avatar:

It is an excerpt from an image titled: Steamnocchio by artist Fabricio Moraes

It was his entry into the CGSociety Steampunk contest of which he won the Image (Individual) Master Award.

I choose this image not only for the content of the full image, which fully embodies the Tinker spirit that drives myself, this site, and nearly all of the projects encompassed by this subject, but also because many friends have asked if it was based on one of my own Haunted Attraction Characters

There is no question it bears striking resemblance to one of my AlterEgos. But no it is not related, it did however resonate in many ways, both physically and mentally, causing me to pick it to represent myself in the Interwebs world and that is how it came to be here.

A few pics to compare:

About BOZ Short Version:
Smart little kid, from cleveland ohio, first decade tore everything apart as a child to find out how it worked, then experimented and built electronics both new and antique, second decade moved into computers, then archeology, got married, got into haunted houses with wife, spent the 90s programming and haunting, putting electronics in his past,third decade formed company haunting, traveled the world for a decade, scaring the bejeezus out of people with his wife and his team of traveling fright freaks they visited 24 states and 4 countries doing it, fourth decade settled in California , rebuilt LAB / HACKERSPACE in his mountain top lair over looking Silicon Valley, returned to electronics experimenting, decided to share with the world, so here we are.


My very first memory, I mean my real very first memory, was tinkering around with my father.

He was rebuilding the families recreational popup camping trailer after it was destroyed in a flood and had handed me a piece of sandpaper……

Remainder redacted to protect the guilty, but is available upon request.

DID I MENTION IT WAS REALLY LONG, leave a comment to request or use the feedback button above, oh and its really long, but it started with that really cool paragraph up there and ended with the really cool one below so I kept them here to give some perspective.

….I realize now that after a lifetime of influences, that have brought me here, I have reached the age that both my father and grandfather really began hitting their stride in honing and then mastering, my grandfather as lock smith and a professional safe cracker, and my father as a master carpenter and craftsman, their respective skill-bases, and it is with same pride skill and down right tinker spirit that I begin my newest journey along that well worn path that I share with you now.

If you have read this far thanks for stopping by my little part of the interwebs, I hope I can continue to offer a compelling reason for you to return in the future, and in the mean time, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Your Host

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