About Tinker Tech

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After many years of sidetracking into the software world, as well as a number of years on the road for my Haunted Attraction career, I am finally heading back into the hardware hacking realm and decided to share my exploits, projects and even failures, as well as any interesting information I collect along the way.

Most of my focus will be on the Arduino micro-controller platform to begin with as that is my current entry point back into electronics, but you will also see many other subjects and projects covered including DIY tech, Hobby Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Inventors and Inventions, Tools and even some Food Hacking thrown in for good measure.

To be sure, there will also be no shortage of Tinkering, Hacking, Bodging, Rigging, Dabbling, Fiddling, Twiddling, Puttering and even Futzing around.

I hope people find the Tinker Tech Blog informative and fun and have reason to also share and contribute to the Tinker Tech community.

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