BizzyBee Breadboard with built in Arduino

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The BizzyBee Breadboard eliminates the middle man, no reason for a separate card, the Arduino compatible micro-controller is built right in, in one piece, that makes it End User Friendly and New User Easy. It is the right tool for Arduino Power Users, Educators and New Experimenters alike.


UPDATE: The BizzyBee Breadboard with with Built in Arduino is now available on Kickstarter, if you would like to find the configuration that best suits your needs, please visit


On the BizzyBee focus, learning and experimentation stays right on the circuit, and because the Arduino microcontroller is embedded into the Breadboard there is no accidental separation or having to rebuild parts of the circuit again and again due to simple bumps, no “ratsnest” of wires to try to follow, no confusion as you learn, things are much simpler, focused, and stable using the BizzyBee.


Here is a typical circuit on both an Arduino and on the BizzyBee, the circuit is a traffic light simulation with a walk and dont walk LED and a switch. On the Arduino it took 15 wires, the same exact circuit and functionality on the BizzyBee it took only two wires to complete, no ratsnest, no confusion.

The BZB Breadboard with built-in Arduino compatible microcontroller is a great exploration station to Learn, Invent or Create Your Vision, Your Art or Your Next World-changing Idea, it is only limited by your imagination what you can do.
The BZB Breadboard comes in 3 major configurations that are each complete Arduino compatibles with enough features for each stage of development you might pass through. There are many various combinations of the 3 major configurations to give specialized working environments to best leverage your needs and experimentation.

The BZB3 with the Outrigger Shield Extender fixes the “legacy” Arduino header offset design failure by adding a second set of .100 pitch headers, while also maintaining the original shield headers for the most versatile input and output options.
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