BizzyBee breadboard with built in Arduino now available on kickstarter


The BizzyBee Breadboard with with Built in Arduino is now available on Kickstarter, please visit to find which of the 3 major modular configurations fit your needs.

The BizzyBee Breadboard is great exploration station to Learn, Invent or Create Your Vision, Your Art or Your Next World-changing Idea, it is only limited by your imagination what you can do.

In addition to individual versions of the BZB1, BZB2 and BZB3 we have also put together several great Reward choices to leverage the power of the BizzyBee whether you are Teachers, Artists, Makers, Hobby Engineers, Students, Musicians, Nerds, Consumers, Fashionistas, Hipsters, Dweebs, Car Computer Hackers, Explorers, Experimenters, Mad Scientist, Not So Mad Scientists, The Vaguely or Tragically Not Hip, Hardware Hackers, Tinkerers and so on and so on, well actually, anyone that wants a great way to teach electronics, from beginner to advanced microcontroller concepts and everything in between.

At the same time the BizzyBee is powerful Exploration Stations for anyone who wants to experiment with Electronics and the Arduino microcontroller in an easier and more advanced way than has ever been available before.

So be sure join us at the BizzyBee kickstarter to get your hands on this great tool.

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2 thoughts on “BizzyBee breadboard with built in Arduino now available on kickstarter

  1. Are you ever going to deliver the breadboards? It looks you promised a January delivery and it is now June. An update would be nice.

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