Tinker Tech Blog Sunsetting Long Live The Tinker Tech Blog.

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First off, While Tinker Tech is sunsetting it is NOT GOING AWAY, just the current incarnation is moving on.

A new design and new direction is on the way, the topics and voice will stay the same but the content is going to open up to a more open and interactive experience and evolve to be more representative of my current direction, as well as community interaction oriented.

Close to two years ago when I started this blog I had intended it to be similar to HackAday but with more focus on my specific interests, and I was interested in nurturing the Arduino community I was becoming part of.

I believed there was void in seeing all of the great Arduino projects that were happening because the Arduino blog wasn’t very active, that has been remedy since then as they have stepped up their own coverage.

But I began to realize my blog voice became that of reporter and editor rather than contributor and participant.

This distance was also exacerbated by the repeated attacks on the commenting system which resulted in us finally closing the comments, first temporarily and then on a more permanent basis.

While I was very happy with the content I was generating, and even having great conversations with individuals about mutual interest and the content, the community and interactive aspects were lost and the blog had become a broadcast medium, nowhere near the original goals, but using the same subjects.

As this was going on, my increase in outside community interaction and my own hardware developments projects took alot more of my time, and I no longer had the luxury of time to be a reporter and editor.

The things that I was and am continuing to work on were perfect content for the original concept of the blog, but just were not easy to present in the broadcast medium the blog had become and the lack of recent activity shows the result.

So that brings us to today, well really up to recent times at least. I was faced with a decision to finally sunset the blog and decided to do so, it was time to put it down.

But as with many things there was still too much life in it to let it go, and I decided that if I under took a new design that addressed the original goals of interactivity and community and brought those elements back to the front, as well as change the voice a bit, more emphasis on project development and miles stone reports than finished projects it would be easy to balance both worlds I had become part of.

So today I announce the death of the Tinker Tech Blog.

Over the next few days the site as you know it will be put down to the archives.

But don’t fret if you still visit, because the new Tinker Tech Blog design and format will launch over the next few days, with all the same content features you enjoyed, but with a much larger influx of Do it Yourself and Do it Together project blog content that has been missing, As well as the voice of the people that wanted to share and discuss the blog content with others, which was at the heart of our earliest goals.

Thanks for the read, thanks for being part of the Tinker Tech Blog community and get ready to get your voice, participation and interaction back.

As Always, Your Host

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