Open Kinect Bounty Claimed Open Source Drivers Released

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Well that didn’t take long, you may remember, just a few short days ago, from our Kinect Hardware Hack Bounty Adafruit Industries threw down a bounty on Open Source drivers for the Microsoft Kinect gaming interface.

The first bounty was $1000 which was raised to $2000 after Microsofts negative response and eventually even grew to $3000.

There were a few false starts and even a proof of concept from the NUI GROUP, you may remember them from the PS3 Eyecam windows drivers, but they intend to monetize the driver the same as they had the previous drivers and refused to open source them.

But along comes Hector Martin from Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Just 3 short hours after he purchased the Kinect in the European release ( he doesn’t even own an Xbox ) he demonstrated his proof of concept in a youtube video (see below) sent the following note to Adafruit:

Here’s my take on the Kinect driver.

Supports depth and RGB images and displays them on an OpenGL window.

It’s very hacky right now but it does prove the concept :)

and then he released the drivers at

Adafruit and other outside users then confirmed that they did indeed work and they Awarded Hector the $3000 US Bounty.

And in true tinker spirit, he wont use the bounty for himself he is going to even open source the bounty to his communitiy.

From Adafruit:

Hector has decided to invest this bounty into hacking tools and devices for a group of people he works with closely (e.g. iPhone Dev Team members, Wii hacker team Team Twiizers, and a few others).

They don’t have much expendable income to buy tools and devices to hack, and sometimes this hobby can be a bit expensive, this will be a good investment that will allow them to hack more and newer devices.

Bravo Hector Bravo!

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